World Mission Day

On Sunday 18th October the Church will celebrate the World Mission Day. The staff at Ghajnsielem Primary School together with the students feel obliged to join in the prayers, sacrifice and donations for this special occasion. During this week a traditional special collection will be made in support of the missionary activity of the Catholic Church.

World Mission Day is celebrated in every Catholic community around the world. Catholic Mission is an organization of the Church for promoting mission around the world.

Our vision as Catholic members,  is for a world where all people can live a decent life, as the dream of our Creator God intended.

So don’t forget to bring your donation…Remember Jesus’ words, ‘Whatever you did for one of the least of these brother of Mine, you did for Me’ (Matthew 25:40)

Children Helping Children Website


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3 Responses to World Mission Day

  1. venera says:

    god bless these children

  2. marija says:

    god bless these children

  3. jasmine says:

    poor children only if i had lots of food i would send them all of my food

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