10 Studying Tips

10 Studying Tips

  1. Make sure you bring home all the books and materials you will need to study.
  2. Establish a routine. Try to study at the same time and same place every day.
  3. Set a time-table. With a time-table you can plan to cover all your subjects in an organized way.
  4. Ask questions if you are unclear or don’t understand what is being taught.
  5. Make sure you choose a quiet place in your house and remove any distractions such as the T.V, radio or computer.
  6. Study sitting on a desk or table – studying in bed may make you too drowsy.
  7. Ask your parents to quiz you on what you have studied.
  8. Take short breaks of 5-10 min if you have to study for long period of time.
  9. Get enough sleep and eat well. This is effective for effective studying and remembering.
  10. Reward yourself after studying. Watch your favourite TV, spend time with friends and play sport throughout the week.

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