Exams advice for Students

One day before the examination

Before each exam, make sure you:

  • get enough rest and sleep
  • active brains need a balanced diet – eat sensibly, don’t skip meals or make do with snacks
  • check on the starting time and allow plenty of time to get there
  • check that you have everything you need. Make yourself a checklist. Take spare pens and pencils just in case the one that you are using stops working.


During the exam

Everyone gets nervous in exams. Take a deep breath before you go in and remember these basic guidelines:

  • even though you may be nervous or worried, listen to what the teacher in charge tells you to do. If it is a written exam, read the instructions on the question paper carefully before you start writing.
  • if you think that something is wrong, if you feel unwell, or if something is distracting you, put up your hand and tell your teacher.
  • make sure you do not communicate with, or look at the work of, any other candidate. You can be disqualified if you break the exam rules in any way.
  • plan you time well during the exams.  Don’t spend too much time on just one question. If a question is too difficult  just skip it and try to solve that question again after you finshed all the paper.   
  • answer ALL questions during the exams
  • revise your work .  You will always find mistakes!

Remember, this is your chance to produce the very best work you can on this topic. It’s worth taking up the challenge to prove what you can do – after all, it will be over in a few hours.

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