Mini Fest

Last week, we had an interesting activity at school – a mini fest. This consisted of various educational and physical activities for our children, teacher and headmistress! The children in kindergarten, year 1, 2 and 3 took active part in these activities.

First the children saw a puppet show which told a story with a significant message. After a short discussion about the story, the children participated in a ‘rhythm session’. Different kinds of pots and pans were used to create an original rhythmical piece. When the ‘performance’ was finished, the children were asked to bring out their umbrella…and after a few minutes we were all happily ‘Singing in the Rain’. Everyone danced to the music.

Another dance session followed but this time, the children wore their carnival costume. Finally we had a ‘relaxation session’. The children closed their eyes to listen to a peaceful piece of music in the background while they relaxed…and relaxed. We really wish that this would not be our first and last mini fest…because we enjoyed every minute.

Click here to watch all the photos!

(Right click on one of the pictures and Go Fullscreen for better viewing. Then press ESC to exit.)

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2 Responses to Mini Fest

  1. Ann Marie Mizzi says:

    Thank you for posting these lovely pictures!! It’s wonderful to be able to see the activities our children are involved in at school.

  2. Ms Antida Cassar says:

    I really enjoyed looking at these photos of our lovely students.We all had fun, you can tell by the expressions on all faces.Keep up the good work!
    Antida Cassar

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