Treasure Hunt

Year 5 and Year 6 kids were amused for hours on the ‘Għolja  t’Għammar’ (near Ta’ Pinu Church)  with this well planned treasure hunt. The hunt was a great success! It took the kids over 3 hours to get through it, and they all had a really good time. During the treasure hunt, students were divided into groups of six. They were given clues that they had  to solve to find the various treasure hunt locations. To answer the questions children had to use Maths, English and Social Studies.  This treasure hunt helped the students revise topics tackled in class in various subjects which were integrated together in a hands-on learning experience.  After the Treasure Hunt we finished  with a game called ‘Brilli’ which is a game still played by adults in western Gozo.

Photos during the Treasure Hunt!

Would you like to know how to play this

Traditional Gozitan Game!! Click here!

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One Response to Treasure Hunt

  1. jonathan buttigieg says:

    hi sir,
    kemm gew sbieh ir-ritratt prost hafna
    kemm hadt pjacir nahdem il questions
    hadt pjacir nilghab il brilla
    issa naf nilaghba
    happy easter
    from jonathan

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