Best Use of ICT Award

For the second consecutive year our school was awarded ‘The Best Use of ICT Award’.    The aim of this award is to offer Colleges the opportunity to show their best use of ICT and to show that students can be engaged through the timely use of technology.  To adhere to this objective the staff at Għajnsielem Primary School created a website which was a display of all activities carried out throughout this scholastic year.  This website shows how teachers  integrated  ICT throughout the curriculum, thus making learning an enjoyable experience for  children.   By means of this website both parents and the school came closer together to work towards a holistic education for our children.

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2 Responses to Best Use of ICT Award

  1. joyce says:

    Well done to all the teachers and children who participated to make this award possible.
    People who log on to this web site will find out how hard the teachers together with the head all work. A big prosit goes to the administrator for coordinating everything !
    Everyone keep up the good work and enjoy the summer hols!
    x x j

  2. Vanessa says:

    I want to congratulate all teachers and children who took part in winning this award. Keep up the good work!
    See you all in September and enjoy your holidays!

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