Scholastic Year 2010-2011

We welcome you to the new scholastic year 2010-2011!  We hope that you have had a great summer and are ready to join us for another year of learning and activities.  We’re glad to have our students returning to school again this year and we extend a special welcome to all the new kindergarten students at our school.

We have a great year ahead of us, and are looking forward to working with you and your children as a team to make this his or her very best school year yet!  As professional educators we are committed to provide the best learning environment for our children.  We appreciate your support in the classroom and at home.

This mission of education we share, this responsibility to our children can be accomplished only by working side by side, in complete understanding and with devotion to our common calling.  With God’s help we will succeed.

As we did during the past year, the school website will showcase children’s work, online educational resources, games and other projects that we will be undertaking in school this year. So make sure you visit this website regularly to keep up to date with all the latest news from Anton Cassar Primary School!

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