School Fruit Scheme

Dear Parent/Carer

The School Fruit Scheme is going to be re-launched in October 2010. Children, between three and ten years of age, attending kindergarten and primary schools in State, Church and Independent sectors are entitled to join the scheme. Children in Resource Centres (ex Special schools) are also eligible. These children will receive a free portion of fresh fruit or vegetable salad every week. This scheme is 75% co-financed by the European Union and 25% by the Government of Malta.

The aim of the scheme is to encourage children to develop a positive attitude towards eating fruit and vegetables. This scheme should help to encourage children to eat more fruit and vegetables and help them to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

The portion of fruit or vegetables is intended to complement and not replace the fruits/vegetables given to the children by their parents/carers. Children will be encouraged to eat more fruit and vegetables and will also be given the opportunity to experience new tastes.

Accompanying measures will be organised to help children to learn about the how fruit and vegetables grow and the associated health benefits. These will include visits to farms, handson experience and other activities related to health and environmental awareness.

The fruit and vegetables given to the children will be suitable for children to consume: they will be presented washed and sliced and will not include any pips, seeds, stones or nuts. The fruit and vegetables will be given fresh and will not have added sugar, fats, or salts.

Kindly fill in the form (click here to print the form) and submit it to the Head of School.

Thank you.

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