Happy Summer Holidays!

summer 2

This scholastic year is over! Students can revise last year’s work and read during summer.  Research shows that:

• Students who read over the summer do better in school.

• Students who do not read over the summer demonstrate up to two months of academic loss.

• Students who read for fun outperform those who do not.

• Students read more when they can choose their own books.

• Reading at least 5 books over the summer can prevent academic loss.

• Summer reading loss is cumulative. By the end of Primary, children who do not read over the summer may be two years behind the other children in academic achievement.

Guidelines for Parents to promote summer reading:

• Stress the importance of summer reading with your child.

• Make reading exciting, do not think of it as a chore.

• Follow a reading list.

• Create a no TV or video game time during part of each day.

• Let your child choose his/her own books.

• Keep a supply of reading materials around the house.

• Go regularly to the library with children.

• Ask your child questions about the books s/he is reading.

• Read a book to your child.

• Listen to your child read to you.

• Pick a favourite author or series and read all the books.

• Listen to books on CD, ipod, radio, tablet while travelling.

• Model reading for your child.

To guide parents, caregivers, relatives and educators, the National Literacy Agency is providing suggested reading lists on the Aqra fis-Sajf facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/aqrafissajf/.

We wish great summer holidays to our students and staff! 


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