Tuesday 3rd May   –  

Presentation and Demo Lesson on Healthy Food Preparation for Kinder Classes & parents. Venue – Hall and Kitchen Lab. Organised by EcoSkola Co-ordinator and Home Economics Unit (Pilot Project).

Meeting of re-Benchmark for SMT.

Wednesday 4th May

External Review

Kinder Picnic at Chambrai Woodlands. Students will be accompanied by Parents or relatives.

Head’s Meeting

Thursday 5th May  

External Review

Eco-Skola Committee

School Council Meeting at 1.15pm

Soft Ball (Year 5 and 6) 1.00pm to 1.30 (Year 3 and 4)      1.35pm onwards.

Confessions at 9.30am

Friday 6th May 

External Review

Year 3 Sports Festival in Kercem

Mass 9.30a.m.

Monday 9th May 

Year 1 Mathracy

Year 4,5,6 Science Assessment

Tuesday 10th May

Wasteserv (Recycle Presentation) Kinder, Year 1, Year 2 ( in their classes)

Wednesday 11 th May

Wasteserv (Recycle Presentation)   Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 ( in their classes)

Thursday 12th May

Coffee Morning.

Year 5 Dwejra – the outside classroom.

Friday 13th May              

Fun Day.

Tuesday 17th May

Food Preparation Year 1 School Kitchen Lab   10.30am – 12.15pm.

Wednesday 18th May 

Year 1 (Picnic). Food Preparation (Year 2) School Kitchen Lab                                                         10.30am – 12.15pm.

 Thursday 19th May 

Year 2 (Picnic).

Friday 20th May

SDP Day.

Thursday 26th May 

PD Session for Staff – Assessment for Learning.

Benchmark for Year 6 students.

Friday 27th May

EcoGozo Year 1 and 2 Marsalforn

Benchmark for Year 6 students.

Monday 30th May

Benchmark for Year 6 students

Tuesday 31st May  

Benchmark for Year 6 students.




1t’April   –   L-ewwel ġurnata tal-iskola

Quddiesa fil-11.00am f’għeluq l-ewwel anniversarju mill-mewt ta’ Leah

4t’ April –    Uniform free day (il-qliegħ kollu imur għal Puttinu Cares)

6 t’ April –    Year 5 and Year 6 students (Music Lecture at Qala Primary)

8 t’ April –    Talk by Green MT to all students

11 t’April –  I learn Parental lauch at 1.15pm

13 t’ April –  Catch the Drop – Inauguration Project

18 t’April –  Oasi Talk to Year 4 students

Year 6 transition visit

19 t’April –  Parental Involvement Day

Talk to Year 5 and Year 6 parents (Growing up and sexuality) by PSCD


22 t’April –  World Book Day  (Aqra Miegħi)

Avviż Importanti : Nhar l-Erbgħa 20 t’April mhux ser tiġi l-għalliema li s-soltu tiġi taqra lit-tfal imma ser tiġi l-Ġimgħa 22 t’April.

CALENDAR OF EVENTS                  March 2016

Wednesday 2nd March       Year 5 and 6 Educational Treasure Hunt at Cittadella.

Thursday 3rd March            Transition.

Friday 4th March                 Via Sagra at Għammar. All students participating. (MCAST to use Hall).

Monday 7th March             Eżercizzi mid-Djaknu Massimo Buttigieg.

Tuesday 8th March              Eżercizzi mid-Djaknu  Massimo Buttigieg.

QAD -8.30-12.30pm  BSS.

Wednesday 9th March       Eżercizzi mid-Djaknu  Massimo Buttigieg.

Thursday 10th March         Kinder Outing.

Year 3 Lunzjata Theatre Project.

Year 1 Parents Meeting at 1.00pm by Ms. Elaine Ciantar.

Friday 11th March               Staff Meeting.

Monday 14th March           PIRLS for Year 5.

Tuesday 15th March           Doctor Year 6 & Parents (Ktieb tat-tilqim).

Wednesday 16th March     Year 4 X’hemm il-Lunzjata.

Thursday 17th March         Confessions.

QAD at 9.00am BSS.

Friday 18th March               Quddiesa tad-Duluri


Ms. Jocelyn Jones visits School.

Head meeting re-Classification Exercise.

Monday 21st March           Oasi Year 1,2,4.

Tuesday 22nd March           Talk for Year 6 at 9.00am (Trattament xieraq tal-Annimali).

Calendar of Events   February 2016

1st – 4th February    Half  Yearly Examinations.

4th February           Seminary for Gozo Heads of Schools.

5th February           Coffee Morning.

8,9,10th February    Carnival Holidays.

11th February          Confessions.

12th February          Mass for All Students.               

                              Heads Meeting – Dyslexia Friendly Schools

15th February          P.E. for Kinder Students.

16th February          Matracy for Year 6.

17th February          Story Telling for Kinder, Yr. 1 and 0-3.

                              Meeting for Year 1 Parents about Obesity.

18th February          Amy Zammit Social Worker visits School.

22nd February         Year 3 and Year 4 climbing.

23rd February         Principal’s Day at Our School.

                              HSBC Catch The Drop Presentation for Years 4,5 and 6.

24th February          Seher l-Istejjer and Aqra Mieghi.

25th February          Drama Sessions at Lunzjata Science Centre for Year 3 and Year 4.

26th February          College of Heads Meeting

29th February          Curriculum Time for K.A’s.

                              Kindergarten Students Leave School at 12.00pm.

Calendar of events

1st-6th January                   Christmas Holidays

7th January                       First Day of school

8th January                       Field Day for Kinders, Year1, Year2, Year3

                                           School social worker Amy Zammit visits school

11th January                     HSBC Minion Show

                                           Oasi Year3/Year4

                                           Support visit Kinder 1 and Kinder 2.1/Kinder2.2

12th January                     Support visit Year5, Year3, Year6

13th January                     Football tournament at Oratorju Don Bosco

                                            Peace torch visits our school

                                           COH meeting

14th January                       Support classroom visits Year2, Year1, Year4

15th January                       Field Day Year4, Year5, Year6

                                             Support visit Complementary

                                             Caqlaq Year3 parents

18th January                       Principal’s Day visit to our school

                                             Maths Curriculum Time Year5 and Year6

22nd January                       Year3/Year4 Climbing Sports Complex

                                             Year1, Year2, Year3, Year4 classroom support


26th January                       PD session for teachers

                                             Meeting for heads at Boys Secondary School

27th January                       School Council Meeting


*Redcoats sports session every Thursday

*Guidance teacher every Thursday

School calendar October 2015


28th September 2015           Quddiesa l-Parroċċa u t-tberik tas-satchels.

30th September 2015           Tabib jagħmel viżita lit-tfal tal-Kinder 1.

1st October 2015                  Tfal tal-Kindergarten jibdew l-Iskola. Qrar.

2nd October 2015               1.00pm. Quddiesa fil-Hall. Ġenituri Mistiedna.

1.30pm                                  Tberik tal-annimali.

5th October 2015               Literacy Teacher Visits Our School.  School Council at 1.00pm

6th October 2015               INCO visits our school.

7th October 2015               BMI lill-istudenti kollha.  COH

8 th October 2015             Parents Meeting Kinder 2 @ 1.15pm.

9 th October 2015              Promoting Efficacy in School.

12th October 2015             Parent’s Meeting Year 5.

13th October 2015             Parent’s Meeting Year 6.  Meeting with Local Council.

14th October 2015             Parent’s Meeting Year 4.

15th October 2015             EcoSkola Students @ 9.30 am Palazz Verdala. Sports Programme

16th October 2015            Head’s Meeting re e-twinning in Kindergarten.

Parents’ Meeting  Year 3

19th October 2015           Parents Meeting Year 2.  Jum Dun Karm.

e-learning Hour of Code sessions

20th October 2015           Parents’ Meeting Year 1.

21st October 2015           S.S. Fieldwork.  School Council.  Cambridge.

23rd October 2015          Staff Meeting.

26th October 2015          Training For Clerks.

28th October 2015           Story Telling. K.1, K.2 Yr.1, Yr.2 and from 0 to 3 years old.

29th October 2015           9.00 – 10.30 BSS. Re-text books

PD Session for K.1, K2, Yr.1, re-Handwriting Guidelines

30th October 2015          Training for Clerks.

Football for Year 3 and Year 4.

Visit at Arka.

School council meeting agenda for November 2015

Maintenance and hygiene at school

World Children’s Day

Community Chest Fund

Coffee Morning

Aqra Miegħi

Scholastic Calendar 2014-2015 

calendar picture