Our Mission

Mission Statement


At Gozo College Għajnsielem Primary School, the whole staff, guided by Christian values, in partnership with parents, the local community of Għajnsielem, our colleagues of the Gozo College, and the pupils themselves, strive to ensure that all the students get the education they need to enable them to fulfill their potential and aspirations and prepare them for life in contemporary society.


School Aims:

1. To provide for each pupil a broad range of appropriate educational experiences to help prepare them for all aspects of adult life.

2. To ensure that each pupil reaches the highest achievement of which s/he is capable.  

3. To provide a happy and secure school environment for all our pupils.  

4. To develop and maintain active partnership between teachers and pupils, school and home, school and the wider community.  

5. To create opportunities for play.

6. To encourage positive and purposeful attitudes, perseverance, and resourcefulness and the qualities of compassion, fairness, goodwill, helpfulness, truthfulness, temperance and understanding.

7. To ensure that the school has well-trained, well motivated staff where everyone feels values and where everyone reflects on her/his own practice and how it can be developed and improved.

School Development Plan

Click on the links below to read about the three key areas of our school’s development plan:

Key area school ethos

Key area teaching and learning for kinder and primary years

Key area teaching and learning