Eko skolaIntroduction:

The development of environmental education in school has evolved significantly.  School communities have become more receptive to the idea of infusing environmental education initiatives within their school life.

What is EkoSkola?

EkoSkola is the Maltese edition of an international programme called Eco-Schools.  Launched by the Foundation of Environmental Education (FEE) with the support of the European Commission in 1994,  Eco-School has rapidly expanded in 26 countries with around 12,000 school participating in the Programme.

What are the Objectives of Eko-Skola?

Ekoskola aims to raise pupils’ awareness of environmental and related sustainable development issues through classroom study together with school and community action.

The EkoSkola Process

When a school community decides to embark on the EkoSkola Programme, it commits itself to follow these seven main steps.  This is what we are doing in our school:

  1. Set up a Commitee that manages the EkoSkola process. The commitee should be made up principally of pupils and other members of the school community, such as the head teacher, teachers, parents, caretakers and local council representatives.
  2. Carry our an Environmental Review of the school grounds to assess the environmental impact of the school.
  3. Identify priorities that emerge from the environmental review and draw up an Action Plan, setting  achievable targets and deadlines on how to address these priorities.
  4. Monitor and evaluate the implementation of the action plan to ensure that progress is made towards the targets set.
  5. Incorporate environmental education in curriculum work…particularly issues related to energy, water and waste.
  6. Inform and involve parents, local authorities, businesses and the wider community in the EkoSkola process.
  7. Draw up the Eco code, that is, a statement of values and objectives outlining the school’s environmental principles.

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